A thing called Love

4 years ago


Found these new ways of expressing love from Baron Von Fancy very endearing.  You can see them here at the Colette Gallery.  ‘I love everything you hate about yourself’, ‘Crazy about you’, ‘You’re my drug of choice’ and ‘I feel high just thinking of you’.
Most of the phrases I use are pseudo-clichés, tongue-in-cheek aphorisms that I overhear in my daily life–in conversations, on the subway, on television and radio, or waiting for the walk light to change when someone is talking on their mobile phone. A string of words said by someone I don’t know, and who has probably not thought about them, is transformed when I paint them. I give them my personal touch.” -Baron Von Fancy

Since love is in the air…

We want to spread the love with a Giveaway that BagServant is hosting for the month of February.  You can keep up to date by following our fb page for more info and details. xx